Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Obama's Spending Record Sucks

All these stories recently about how Obama is such a great President because he hasn't increased spending by as much as previous presidents are almost amusing, if it wasn't for the fact that we're spending ourselves into insolvency. Then the counter stories trying to explain the whole thing accurately are so full of opinion (or overexplanation) that they forget to actually lay out the information so it's easily read. So I figured I would list this out pretty clearly using only Bush's last 8 years to prove the Obamaites wrong.

Receipts = Amount taken in in taxes
Outlay = Money budgeted by the government
Deficit = How much over tax intake the budget was
(R) = Republican-controlled Congress
(D) = Democrat-controlled Congress

(R) 2004    R- $1,880B        O- $2,292B        D- $412B
(R) 2005    R- $2,053B        O- $2,479B        D- $427B
(R) 2006    R- $2,407B        O- $2,655B        D- $248B
(D) 2007    R- $2,540B        O- $2,784B        D- $244B
(D) 2008    R- $2,521B        O- $2,930B        D- $410B

In 2009 Obama took control, along with the massive Democrat majority. Since the 2009 budget was already passed I will split it up to show spending between the two presidents.

(D) 2009    R- $2,105B        O- $3,518B        D- $1,413B       

$475B was from TARP, which Obama voted YES on, so he is just as responsible. On top of that in March of 2009 he signed a budget adjustment bill of $410B. Also, the $838B Stimulus was NOT included in the yearly budget.

(D) 2010    R- $2,165B        O- $3,721B        D- $1,556B
(R) 2011    R- $2,567B        O- $3,834B        D- $1,267B
(R) 2012    R- $2,926B        O- $3,755B        D- $828B

That's over $4,000,000,000,000 in deficit spending under Obama's watch in just 4 years, at least it took Bush 8 years to manage his additional spending, and he had a two full on combat situations to pay for, unlike Obama who has only had to do cleanup.

Absolutely amazing how spending went up the second the Democrats ended up in charge isn't it? And then look at 2010, suddenly the deficit spending started going back down once the Republicans stopped Obama from spending like crazy. Bush is certainly just as responsible for the massive increase in 2009, but he spent $410B less than what he gets credit for because the MSM loves to add that extra spending Obama added in to Bush's plate.

In case you're wondering, my info comes straight from the government's own legally required PUBLIC records at the US Government Printing Office.

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