Sunday, August 26, 2012

Contact Your Congressmen About the FCC

The newest push by the FCC to further control your lives and communications networks around the country, while raising your internet and phones bills in the process. Contact your congresscritters immediately and tell them not to support this bull.

I'm all for getting people internet and phone access, but if it was economically feasible a private company would have done it by now. Of COURSE AT&T and the like support this idea, it takes costs away from them and forces their customers to pay for it directly instead. Frankly, internet access at home and cell phones are not required for success in today's world. What is required is for people to actually be motivated to improve their own situation. Giving people this stuff for free only increases their dependence on government and their unwillingness to change their current standing in life. After all, why bother to work harder when you'll end up having to pay for all this stuff yourself? Especially when you can get it for free by doing nothing!


Spending money on projects like this is all well and good when the government is running a surplus, but not when we're running trillion dollar deficits every year for the last 4 years (and before you blame the various wars, their total cost per year is less than $300 billion). Continual deficit spending will not get us out of this. We need to control government spending, bring it down, and give people are reason to work hard to improve their lifestyle, thus indirectly improving the lifestyle of everyone around them.

If your neighbor gets a job he is now spending more money in the area, which increases the money there is to go around, which motivates more businesses to move to the area, thus providing more available jobs. If the government creates the jobs then that money is not really there, it's newly printed cash that only increases inflation. Governments do not create wealth, they take wealth from private industry and redistribute it, ineffectively mind you, to their various interest groups (which in most cases don't have a clue how to run an actual business; ex: Solyndra, etc).

When the government increases taxes on those with higher incomes it reduces the will of the people to advance their own condition. Why work harder when they're just going to take more of what you earn and it will just leave you in the same living condition, yet more worn out, for that extra effort? People who advocate higher taxes on the wealthy are either already wealthy themselves, thus have more than enough to not care (most of it is already accumulated wealth anyway, which isn't taxed), or they are people who have no intention of advancing themselves, instead living off the backs of others. Anyone that actually intends to change their current situation and move up on the ladder knows (or should know) that increasing taxes on the "wealthy" will only negatively effect them when they finally get to that position themselves. Instead of waging class warfare on those who become successful in their lives, we should be encouraging charitable donations by those who makes lots of money. Give them incentives to give and people will do so.

Mitt Romney is the perfect example of this, and yet the liberal media is trying to make people hate him for it. Sure, he paid only 14% on his taxes last year (I only paid 8.7%, though my unadjusted tax rate is 15% base) but he also gave away 16% to various charities, and that DOES NOT include the 10% yearly tithe Mormons are expected to contribute to their temples. Overall the man gave away 40% of his income last year. How much more do people expect someone to give? What number is considered enough? Who cares if he has plenty more, IT'S HIS MONEY. He earned it through hard work and good investments. What is the problem here?

If you start a business you are paying local, state, and federal taxes on the profit you make. You are paying the SS and Medicare taxes for every employee, in many cases as high as 30% of that person's salary. You took out a huge loan, or mortaged your house, or saved up tons of cash, etc. Most people pay taxes for years before starting a business. Is that not contributing to the construction of those roads and schools and businesses? Is the money you paid to go to the various schools and take classes, or to receive training, suddenly not counted as contributing to the building of those facilities that helped you succeed? Anyone saying that you didn't build that doesn't have a clue what they're talking about.

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