Wednesday, November 7, 2012

America, Going Forward

You would think that people would be smart enough to notice which countries in the world are actually recovering. Canada and Switzerland. What's their corporate tax rate again? Oh yea, 16%. Meanwhile our political "leaders" here keep wanting to raise ours to over 40%. Even China's corporate tax is only 25%.

We're not trying to survive 8 years of Obama, we're trying to survive 16 years of socialist policies (I'm looking at you GW, and the Republicans that supported that crud) destroying our national economy. A nation does not survive $1 trillion/year deficits for very long. Has nobody been paying attention to countries like Greece where they have all these same programs our politicians have been trying to implement for the last 20 years? CALIFORNIA ALONE has more debt than Greece does.

If Obama had the guts to return to the Clinton tax rates and budget I would be cheering for him myself, but he doesn't, and neither does the rest of the Democrat party. Everybody forgets that Clinton got lucky with the technology boom during his term, but they also forget that it was the Republicans that wrote "his" surplus budget. At least Clinton had the guts to work with the other side rather than demonizing them for disagreeing with him.

Obama will not work with Republicans, and neither will Harry Reid, who straight told the world that he would never work with Romney if Romney had won.

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  1. To be fair, California is also three times the size of Greece, population-wise.

    Going off of the turn out numbers, love-- no, people aren't paying attention.

    It is a little funny to watch responses, though. Most everyone is saying this is proof that we need to do what they wanted to do in the first place, even if they were happy with the extent their way was being done before.