Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rush Limbaugh's Recent Gaffe

I figured I'd give it a few days to let all of the information out before I gave my response on this whole thing.

Yes, he screwed up by bringing up the label of "slut." Even if what he actually said was that given the information Ms. Fluke (a political activist with a history of attacking religion) provided, someone that has sex as often as she or her friends appear to be doing so would have gotten labeled as such back when he was growing up. Do the math, you can go to a Target and get a year's supply of Birth Control pills for $300, so where was the other $700+ going?

He apologized to Ms. Fluke, who on national TV refused to accept it. So what did he do right after? Posted an apology to his listeners for sinking to the level of the Liberal left.

I tend to agree with his statement, if not his choice of words. It would have been better to make the implication without using the actual words. Of course, the hypocrisy of the Left never ceases to amaze me; what with Bill Maher getting a pass for calling Sarah Palin a cunt and a twat on national TV a year ago, or Ed Schultz getting a whole two-day suspension for calling Laura Ingraham a slut while the rest of the Liberals laughed it up and heralded him as a hero of some kind. Or the fact that Bill Maher gave the Super PAC supporting Obama a $1 million check, which they haven't returned, even after the President called Ms. Fluke (pronounced Fluk btw) to tell her how terrible it was that Rush Limbaugh was picking on her.

Oh yea, might want to take notice of the fact that the "committee" she appeared in front of was actually a subcommittee staffed by Nancy Pelosi, and not Issa's committee. Why, you may ask? Because she was rejected from being able to appear before the original committee for several reasons. 1) She was a last minute selection after the Democrat's primary pick was kicked out so they could have a woman on the panel to try and hijack the whole thing. 2) The panel was actually to discuss whether they government had the power to force religious institutions to pay for healthcare practices that were against their religious beliefs, NOT about forcing employers, schools, etc to provide completely FREE birth control and abortificients to students and employees, and how horrible it was that they should have to pay for such things themselves. 3) The REASON she wasn't allowed to appear before the actual panel was because the last minute selection meant she couldn't be vetted to ensure she actually had any authority to speak on the subject beyond opinion. She had no medical or scientific background to base her opinions on. Only the same old bullshit "Women's right to determine what she does with her own body."

Well, I happen to mostly agree with that reason, but their thought processes are seriously flawed. If they actually agreed with that they wouldn't be trying to get the government involved. If they really think women have the right to determine what she does with her own body they would not be DEMANDING THAT OTHER PEOPLE PAY TO SUPPORT THAT RIGHT. Pay for your own dang recreational activities. Birth Control may have a few medical benefits, but even if true (and there is no proof it's anything but a placebo for most of "benefits") it doesn't exactly cost you a lot. $9 at Target, or if your doctor prescribes a stronger specific brand $20 at a Walgreen's, per month. 9x12=$108          20x12=$240      Birth Control is a preventative therefore it should not be on your insurance. Car Insurance doesn't cover oil changes, tire changes, engine checkups, etc. Home Insurance doesn't cover gutter replacements, yard care, or new paint jobs.

Children are not a disease, they are the product of a choice made. In all but a few cases forcible rape does NOT result in pregnancy. Medical insurance is meant to pay for procedures that are life threatening, or could seriously degrade your health., not to pay for you making a mistake (if that's what you want to call it). Pregnancy is not caused accidentally, it takes two to tango, and a choice to be made. Don't want to get pregnant? Don't have sex, or do everything in your power to prevent it, but DON'T TRY TO FORCE OTHER PEOPLE TO PAY FOR YOUR ACTIVITIES.

Edit (8 Mar 10:11am): As an aside, Bill Maher has gained a bit of respect from me for defending Rush Limbaugh's right to free speech. It's so rare to see anyone on the left defending this right when it comes to things they disagree with.


  1. Well written. Great piece. I think you paint with a broad brush. I think its rare that both the right or the left defends freedom of speech when either one is criticized. And forcible rape? Is there any other type? :)

  2. By forcible I mean the person is being physically held down. Date rape drugs tend to make the victims more "compliant" and so it's rape, but there is very little actual force involve. (To avoid confusion BOTH ARE WRONG).

    The two major skewers of the rape statistics (in my opinion) are 1) Unreported rapes, and 2) Women that scream rape after willingly sleeping with the guy and realizing it was a mistake (most times while stupidly drunk).