Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Super Tuesday Results

First off, I'd like to congradulate Mr. Romney on his Super Tuesday victories. To be fair, he won quite a bit. On the other hand, I would like everyone to look at exactly WHERE he won.

In the majority of states where Santorum was also on the ballot Romney won the cities, and that's about it. Let's keep that in mind as we go through the various state eligibility rules.

Alaska (Romney): Participation in the Alaska caucuses is open to registered Republicans. A voter may register or re-register as a Republican at the convention.

Idaho (Romney): Open to registered Republicans, including same-day registrants, as well as 17-year-olds who will turn 18 by the date of the general election.

North Dakota (Santorum): Caucus goers must be physically present to cast their votes; must be eligible to vote in the general election; and must have been affiliated with the Republican Party in the last general election or intending to affiliate with the Republican Party in the next general election.

Ohio (Romney): Open to members of the Republican Party. Members of other parties can change party affiliation and vote in primary.

Oklahoma (Santorum):  Voting open to registered Republicans only.

Tennessee (Santorum): Any voter may vote in the primary, regardless of party registration, but may not vote in both parties’ primaries.

Wyoming (Romney): Caucus open only to registered Republican voters.

Vermont (Romney): Voter registration does not include party affiliation; any voter may vote in the primary.

Georgia (Gingrich):  Modified primary in which only registered Republicans and independents may vote.

Virginia (Romney): Voter registration does not include party affiliation; any voter may vote in the primary.

Massachusetts (Romney): Modified primary, open to registered Republicans and those who identify themselves as Republicans.

So let's see... Ohio, where Romney outspent Santorum 5-to-1 (again), he barely won by 1%, and the majority of his votes came from the city counties... where most voters are Democrats, and will vote Democrat in the general. Massachusetts is his home state, if he couldn't carry that I'd be demanding his immediate withdrawal (same goes for Georgia for Newt).

Vermont, where he won every county in the state, he also outspent Santorum by a 3-to-1 margin, AND it's relatively close to his home state of Massachusetts. Also, both states are solid Democrat states in the general, neither has gone to the Republicans since 1992.

Virginia has its screwy ballot requirements that make low income candidates from competing there. Nevermind the fact that even with his MUCH lower budget Santorum is still neck and neck with Romney. That right there is proof enough that Romney is buying the election.

Oh, and while I'm at it. Speaker Gingrich, please drop out. Santorum would have won several of those states if you had not been there. You're splitting the conservative vote. If you really don't want Romney to get the nomination you need to drop out and support Santorum. Your chances of coming back a third time are far too low, and the longer this takes the more likely it is that the Republican candidate won't have enough time to raise enough cash to fight against Obama's $400 million+ campaign.

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