Thursday, March 1, 2012

Well, darn...

I've made no secret of the fact I support Rick Santorum, so I can safely say I am disappointed he lost Michigan at the last minute after all the positive polls there for him. At the same time, Romney outspent him 5 to 1 (not 3 to 1 like I had originally thought) and only squeaked by with a 3% lead, in his home state. Because of Michigan's electoral rules (they reward 2 votes for each county) Romney only gets a 2 point victory in the state. For someone who spent so much more than his opponent this is a pretty sad result for Romney, I still call the state a victory for Santorum, just as I did with Iowa weeks before they reversed their call for Romney winning there.

At the same time, I am also amused at Romney being whiny about Santorum appealing to Democrat voters. Mitt did the same thing in Iowa and New Hampshire, and even used the fact he had so many Democrats supporting him as proof that he was the most electable candidate (even though he again outspent his opponents by a HUGE margin). Instead Santorum got 53% of the Democrat vote to Romney's 13%. Also, Ronald Reagan appealed to Democrat voters when he was running (again, not saying Santorum is another Reagan), so what is the problem?

It's going to be interesting going into Super Tuesday, with each of the candidates having at least one state pretty much in the bag. Santorum leads in Ohio at the moment, but as we saw in Michigan that could change, unless Romney tries to whittle down Santorum's 20 point lead in Oklahoma to prevent him from getting all of that state's electoral votes (Oklahoma is one of those states with a rule that says if someone doesn't get a majority then the votes are split, otherwise it's winner-takes-all).

People keep on trying to hit Santorum for smacking Obama about his college degree opinions, which is just plain silly. What people need to do is start respecting the blue collar jobs more instead of the so-called intellectual jobs. Who do you think fixes the cars for those high income folks? Or makes the computers work at their various companies? Makes sure the plumbing in your house works? The people in these jobs generally get nothing but flack from others, until they are needed to fix a problem, then people are all smiles and politeness. Yet no liberals (or at least very few) would ever dream of suggesting that these people be the ones to make more money than say, a public school teacher or a politician.

With all the Romney supporters out there, surely one can tell me what makes Romney such a great conservative without trying to pull his business credentials out, I've already debunked that one enough.

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