Sunday, January 8, 2012

Government Unemployment Bull

Given current events I figured I should make a post about the wonderful smoke and mirrors our government is currently using to fool your average voter into thinking things are getting better while anyone can look around and see they obviously are NOT. The assumption is almost always, "It must be getting better overall and eventually it will get to where I am at." The sickening part is that the MSM is helping them do it! The media is supposed to be the agency that uncovers this crud, and here they are lying for the federal government.

What they neglect to explain is that seasonal work is just that, seasonal. It's not permanent, and many of the people who get seasonal jobs now will NOT get another one at the end of the season. But they still count it as people being employed. Even according to CNNs own numbers (which they conveniently only mentioned in their newscast on 6 Jan 2012 but not their website; if you find it feel free to post a link) you need 150,000 jobs a month for replacement, and with 60,000 of those jobs being seasonal that means actual permanent job creation was only 140,000. Meaning we actually LOST 10,000 jobs in December. They never ever report the actual numbers after adjusting for replacement. Also, they do not count underemployed, or unemployed people no longer looking. Go here to understand how CPS determines replacement numbers. Unlike CPS I don't separate by age (age is meaningless anyway, if someone is qualified their age doesn't matter), actual replacement across the board is up around 230,000, rather than the 150,000.

Underemployed is people working part-time jobs that were working full-time jobs, or people in full-time positions that pay significantly less than what they were paid before they lost their job. Another thing that is not considered (on purpose) by the federal government because it makes them look worse, ie. the truth sucks. Participation has been steadily declining for quite awhile, with a 0.16% drop between November and December alone. You want to see a comparison of our current recession's handling versus previous ones? Take a look at this. Things were recovering from the 2001 Recession, and then in 2007 they dived... Now what happened that caused this? Oh that's right, it was the massive Democrat influx after the 2006 elections. Paired with a guy that wanted to be liked by everyone; Bush Jr. was a smart man believe it or not, but he was also very much a social liberal when it came down to using government to "help" people. "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'" Ronald Reagan

Reagan was no saint, he made mistakes, even though most people don't like to point them out. He did make deals with the Dems that caused increased government spending for more than just Defense which resulted in $2.2 trillion in debt. But he also didn't spend over a trillion a year creating new rules and regulations that businesses had to follow in order to "help" the country recover from a Recession. He got government out of the way and let private industry do the work of recovering itself.

Then you have the effect that adults taking part-time jobs has on teenagers, ignoring the much lower pay that is nowhere near what is needed to support a family. The fact is that teenage unemployment is currently at an overall 25.4% with 34.3% participation, while at the start of the Recession participation was at 41.3%. If you were to look at unemployment for that 41.3% participation you would actually have an unemployment number of approx 45%, NEARLY DOUBLE the unemployment rate!

Participation is how the government lies to you. They only count people currently on unemployment vs those who are employed in ANY sense, and guess what, after awhile you can no longer collect unemployment (even with all the extensions). It is an estimate of a very small group of people on top of that. They DO NOT account for actual population numbers, they even count UNPAID KIDS DOING CHORES. I don't care if it's a family business, if you're not being paid, you are NOT employed! If they did count REAL population numbers I would be surprised if actual unemployment was not up around 11-12%.

Learn to love it folks. If we don't turn things around soon it's only going to get worse. Look at your Representatives and Senators' voting record since their last election. If they haven't voted for laws that make things better for businesses, vote them out ASAP. Keep doing it until they get the idea, and please, STOP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW YOU CAN GET "YOUR FAIR SHARE" OF THE GOVERNMENT BUDGET! That is money taken from your fellow citizens working hard to make a living for themselves and their families. Every time the government takes your money, or your neighbors' money, or your aunt's money, it makes it harder for each of you to improve your life by your own choices.

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