Monday, January 9, 2012

The New Deal

Here's some food for thought. FDR and his "New Deal" were really a raw deal, with a side of sandpaper.

Do most people even know how the government managed to get taxes expanded onto the majority of the population after the 16th Amendment was marketted at only targetting the top few percentage of the population? During WWII FDR issued Executive Order 9250 to tax everyone who made over $25k (about $315k today) at 100%. Thankfully this was rescinded by Congress. He did however manage to get through a 94% tax on those over $25k, and then pushed another tax through the following year to tax everyone else (Go to pages 73 and 74). After all, who is going to complain that he is being taxed at 20%+ when someone else is getting hit for 94% of his income? By 1944 nearly every employed person was paying taxes (thanks to the idea of withholding), as opposed to only 10% prior to 1940.

As we all know, once government sinks their talons into something it's nigh impossible to get that something back. The war was used as an excuse by FDR and his "New Deal" Democrats to tax the population and make them beholden to the federal government through new social program spending that kept us in debt after the end of the war. With the war over the taxes should have gone away shortly after the debt was paid off, but they had spent so much money (and continued to spend more) for their new programs that they needed to keep the taxes in place. I have no issue with raising taxes during a war, and keeping them in place until the war is over in order to pay off any debt incurred, that's in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, Clause 1). However, they used the facade of helping the people in order to steal their money and hold them under the thumb of government.

What's worse, we aren't even actually at war. Not by the definition of the Constitution. Congress has not officially declared war since WWII. There have been votes to provide funding, votes to authorize the use of troops, etc, but no declaration of war. Even with Bush Jr. actually doing the right thing and going to Congress (something our current President seems to have forgotten is a legal requirement under the Constitution) they only authorized the use of force in Afghanistan and Iraq, they avoided using that WAR word.

There was a "New Deal" made in the federal government alright, a deal to slowly take the freedom from the citizens of this great country and hand it to a small group we regularly elect to represent us. A deal that gave the federal government the ability to practice legal thuggery upon the USA, Al Capone would be proud.

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