Monday, January 30, 2012

Florida Primary: Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, Paul

And there is your order for who won in Florida, though as I understand it is a winner-takes-all state, so Romney will get all of the electoral votes from that state's representatives.

Mitt Romney came in with 46.4%, Newt Gingrich at 31.9%, Rick Santorum with a disappointing (to me) 13.4%, and Dr. Ron Paul at 7%. Granted both Senator Rick Santorum and Representative Ron Paul decided to essentially skip the contest in Florida due to their lack of funds compared to the other two candidates (Romney had $24 million in donations in the last quarter alone) and the fact it is a winner takes all state. Can't say I blame them, but it is still disappointing to me how many people are not voting for the only conservative with a consistent record in the bunch.

The above statement will probably anger the Ron Paul supporters, but the reality is that we cannot ignore the world outside our country. Trading with everybody equally and not getting involved is a very nice idea in theory, but in practice it just doesn't work. The world is not an emotionless and completely logical place, and that is what it would take for one country not to dislike (or hate) us for trading with a country they consider their enemy. We cannot stand back and let Iran do whatever they wish to the detriment of the region and eventually the rest of the world. They already support some of the most extreme terrorist organizations in the world, and Rep. Paul thinks it's okay for them to get nukes... I'm not even going to get started on China and North Korea.

Thank you Newt for shooting yourself in the foot with your attacks on capitalist business practices and your inability to explain what exactly was wrong with how Bain Capital works; not saying there is anything wrong, I haven't seen any real evidence even if I am suspicious of the methods in question. Now we just need Newt to get the heck out of the race so Santorum can go head to head with Romney. I'd really love to see Mitt try to hit Santorum with something negative, there really isn't anything out there except the fact he supported Specter over Toomey (which I've explained previously).

Perfect Santorum is not, but then NOBODY is perfect, and this habit of many conservative voters expecting Mr. Perfect is really annoying to me. Many Americans saw President Obama as Mr. Perfect after listening to his rhetoric and ignoring the facts, and look how that turned out. Santorum has a record that has not changed his entire time in office, so you know exactly where he stands. There is no perfect candidate. President Ronald Reagan was not perfect.

The very facts that both the Mainstream Media and Establishment Republicans support Mitt over Santorum is reason enough for me to like the guy. Both groups hated Reagan too. I'm not calling Santorum Reagon either (he's not), but both of the above groups were wrong about how good Reagan would be so why people keep listening to the MSM and Establishment government types is beyond me.

Edit: Oops. Hadn't meant to post this the day before the primary, the order was unlikely to change so I got it ready and was planning to update the percentages Wednesday morning.

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