Friday, February 3, 2012

More UN Stupidity That'll Cost Us Money

According to a news story put out by the the UN wants to put a tax on all financial transactions in order to fund their version of global welfare under their Commission on Social Development. Just great, one more way to screw up the bad global economy, let's just tax all the transactions that occur internationally. Because that couldn't possibly have any kind of negative effect on world trade or anything...

Even if Congress refuses to ratify the new requirement (which I really hope they have the brains and balls to do) it will still adversely affect any trade done outside this country, which will mean less money for countries and businesses to spend on importing/exporting.

According to the report, the new global tax is designed to be a progressive scale, with higher earners paying more to help provide “all needy people with a basic income, healthcare, education and housing.” Yea, because that's not wealth redistribution or anything. Kind of like the world carbon credits bull they've been pushing to siphon off funds from more developed countries to less developed one through absolutely no effort on the part of the countries too backwards (or eternally war-torn by their own choice) to bother trying to advance themselves.

Someone in Congress people have the guts to put forth a bill withdrawing the US from that POS organization and kick their butts out of New York already.

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