Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Work, work, work

Sorry for the delay in getting out the next set of posts folks, been really dang busy at work and tired as heck by the time I get home. From here on out I'll try to focus on more current quotes and such.

I'm going to start with the MSMs attempt to mischaracterize Rick Santorum in his somewhat recent speech where he called Obama a snob. They love to cut the speech in right at that part, but leave out the entire minute and change of the speech before that. Here is the part they keep cutting out.

Oh look, he's saying that people can and do contribute without a college degree. That not everyone is meant for intellectual pursuits and that some people are more gifted in some areas than others. What a horrible thing to point out that people are not equal in all of their skills across the board.

Meanwhile Romney accused Santorum of trying to hijack the Michigan primary (paragraph 4) by calling on Democrat voters to vote for him. Kind of funny coming from the guy who was making such a big deal after the number of independent and Democrats voting for him in Iowa and New Hampshire.

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