Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ron Paul on Gun Control

Ease procedures on the purchase and registration of firearms.
Repeal all bans and measures that restrict law-abiding citizens from owning legally-obtained firearms.
Congressional 1996 National Political Awareness Test - Nov 1, 1996

An appeals court in Washington DC issued a ruling that hopefully will result in the restoration of 2nd Amendment rights in the nation’s capital. It appears the Court rejected the DC’s nonsensical argument that the 2nd Amendment confers only a “collective right,” something gun control advocates have asserted for years. Rights, by definition, are individual. “Group rights” is an oxymoron.

When the 2nd Amendment speaks of a “well-regulated militia,” it means local groups of individuals operating to protect their own families, homes, and communities. They regulated themselves because it was necessary and in their own interest to do so. The Founders themselves wrote in the Federalist papers about the need for individuals to be armed.
Gun control makes people demonstrably less safe--as any honest examination of criminal statistics reveals. It is no coincidence that violent crime flourishes in the nation’s capital, where the individual’s right to self-defense has been most severely curtailed.
Weekly column, "Texas Straight Talk" - Mar 12, 2007

Q: You have said that the 9/11 attackers might have had second thoughts if they’d felt that some of the passengers aboard the airplanes might have been armed.

A: You’re quoting me incorrectly. I said the responsibility for protecting passengers falls with the airline, not the government--and not the passengers. The airline’s responsible for the aircraft and the passengers. If we wouldn’t have been dependent on the federal government to set all the rules, which meant no guns & no resistance, then the terrorists may well have had second thoughts, because the airlines would have had the responsibility. But we assumed the government was going to take care of us. After 9/11, instead of moving toward the direction of personal responsibility & private property & 2nd amendment, we moved in the opposite direction. We turned it over to the federal government. Private industry protects their property all the time. But here is one example when the federal government was involved and they messed it up.
2007 GOP debate at UNH, sponsored by Fox News - Sep 5, 2007

Rep. Paul states in "Liberty Defined" that terror attacks occur in gun-free zones, but never at places like gun shows. But the Fort Hood shooting occurred 18 months prior to his book's publication.
On pp. 144-5 of his book, Rep. Paul asserts, "I don't really believe 'gun-free' zones make any difference. If they did, why would the worst shootings consistently happen in gun-free zones such as schools? And while accidents do happen, aggressive, terroristic shootings like this are unheard of at gun and knife shows, the antithesis of a gun-free zone."
At Ft. Hood in Texas, on Nov. 5, 2009, a gunman shot and killed 13 people and wounded 29 others. The shooting was a terroristic attack; the gunman had written, "fighting against the US army is an Islamic duty". According to, numerous of his victims were armed soldiers; at least two fired at the shooter during his rampage.
Rep. Paul is simply mistaken in his assertion; the Fort Hood incident should have been cited as a counter-example.
OnTheIssues FactCheck on Liberty Defined, by Ron Paul - Aug 11, 2011


The OnTheIssues FactCheck people seem to be under the same illusion that most Americans are under regarding military bases. With very few exceptions military members are not allowed to carry around personal firearms when on military facilities (thank you Bill Clinton /sarcasm). Even when authorized to do so (done on an individual basis with requirements determined by each base's commanding officer) it can still cause problems for the member if they are selected for a random vehicle inspection, or stopped by security forces to ensure authorization while transitting the base on foot. In many cases even the base's security forces are not armed until a situation occurs requiring them to be issued a firearm.

The Ft. Hood shooting is actually an excellent show of the proof of Rep. Paul's words, and it is a viewpoint I share.


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