Monday, April 9, 2012

Cyber-Security Legislature

So the government is throwing out another deluge of Cyber-Security legislation.

Prison Planet

I'm well aware of how slowly the government institutes changes, and massively overspends to deal with issues that don't exist. Even if you ignore the fact that it's the government demanding companies share information with them (I wouldn't ignore them if I were you), they are ill-equipped to be the ones deciding on what needs to be the standard for cyber-security. The new bills (yes, there is more than one) also remove any legal ramifications against the companies if they willingly share the information which will allow those companies to completely ignore all privacy lawsuits.

Anyone that doesn't see how bad that can be might want to go get their head checked. If companies can no longer be held accountable for sharing your personal information with the government, what is to stop them from freely doing so with everybody's information just to avoid a huge host of legal issues that may crop up against them in the future. It also has the side "benefit" of getting them on the government's good side for later on down the road.

Also, the private sector is MUCH better at innovation, especially when it comes to security because it is their paycheck being affected. It's their products being stolen.

Not to mention the number of arbitrary reasons these laws give the government to confiscate or forceably shutdown various company's (and individual's) internet access. Allowing the President to determine what companies and industries are national security related without specifically naming them? Because that won't be abused or anything...

I suggest you call and/or email your Congressmen and Senators and tell them not to vote for these bills. Threaten them with a straight vote for their opponent next election, regardless of who they are, if they vote Yes on these.

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