Thursday, April 19, 2012

Democrat-Controlled Senate Breaking the Law... Again

Well, the Senate is on its way to breaking the law yet again, refusing to even discuss a budget for FY13. Coming up on 4 years now that the elected officials in that worthless group will not only be refusing to do the job they were elected for, but they will be breaking the law. The 1974 Budget Act to be precise. Congress is required to pass a budget every year, going through a specific process outlined in the bill. Of course, nobody is going to actually charge them since impeachment has to be tried by their own members... because that's not problem at all.

The writers at the Post may want to check their math though, they labeled the article as 3 years, but FY13 will be the 4th year. They gained complete control in 2008, so the 2009 budget was already done (pushed through by Bush before they actually got total control) but that still leaves FY 10, 11, 12, and upcoming 13 that they are refusing to even talk about. Yes, in review, the Democrats have not passed a budget since they gained complete control in 2008. They had 2 years to do so without Republican opposition and they still couldn't do their job. This is just another example of the complete lack of fiscal responsibility of that party. As much as I hate the numerous Republicans who spent stupid amounts of money, at least they had the balls to put their spending in writing, out in the open, and did one of the few Congressional jobs spelled out in the Constitution.

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  1. How can we make this failure a major issue in this year's electron? This failure to uphold the law and fulfill the responsibility of Harry Read and Democratic leadership dwarfs any debate over Bain Capital.