Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Romney Gets the Nomination

Not really any point in denying it anymore. With Rick Santorum dropping out, and Newt Gingrich's campaign way in debt (his $500 check to pay for being added to the Utah ballot bouncing) along with one of his companies filing for bankruptcy the nomination process is over in everything but the official crown. The Ron Paul supporters will continue to deny it until Dr. Paul drops out, but he isn't going to be the nominee either. Even if he won every state from here to the convention he wouldn't have enough delegates to challenge Romney.

So that leaves us with Mitt Romney. He's better than McCain, though not by much, especially if he continues to try the same line of civil discourse and not attacking Obama. These two stories give some hope that he isn't as bad as his time in a Democrat Super Majority state like Massachusetts makes him appear.

Romney at Harvard
Romney and Netanyahu

Granted they are at the New York Times, but sadly there are still a bunch of people that get their news from that rag, so maybe it'll make those folks realize he's not as bad personally as the Left keeps trying to make him. Personally I don't care much about a politicians personality so long as they can do a good job in the position. Before the fiasco that became RomneyCare, Romney did at least manage to lower spending in the state and improve business there. It just all got reversed with passage of that one law that he naively thought wouldn't be co-opted by the Democrat legislature. Also, as much as I disagree with the law itself, Romney is correct in stating that it's completely constitutional in regards to the individual states; assuming that it doesn't disagree with that state's Constitution anyway, it does disagree with the US Constitution as a power of the federal government though.

What he needs to do is get out on as many networks as will actually have him (which will be harder now that it's him vs Obama) and explain his various plans in full detail with some actual feeling, and using the same methods he used for his Harvard presentation. Don't assume people get it, that's a mistake the Republican party has been making forever, and too many people still believe all the rhetoric passed out by the MSM regardless of how false it is.

You won't see me turn into a diehard Mitt Romney supporter, but I will support him against Barack Obama because 1) it's nigh impossible for him to be any worse, and 2) at least he understands how the economy actually works. As often as I give the various finance folks a hard time for being bean counters, with the state of the federal governments spending right now having a bean counter in charge that is willing to make cuts where necessary in order to get it under control may be exactly what we need. Also, if we all work to get an actual conservative majority in the Senate perhaps we can use that to keep Romney's more liberal tendencies under control.

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