Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Romney Gets His Own Hat Trick

With his Tuesday wins of DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin Romney manages to pull even further ahead of the other candidates in the Republican primary.

While I'm not a fan of Romney, I have to admit his on-stage speech with Paul Ryan actually showed a bit of character that he has been severely lacking. If he'd actually get on stage with that kind of emotion to explain his ideas the way Ryan explains his budget proposals I'd probably feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of him as the Republican candidate.

I'm still a Santorum supporter, but as long as Newt remains in the race I don't see many more chances for Rick to win the delegates necessary to be a contender at a brokered convention, let alone prevent Romney from getting the 1,144 votes necessary to be named the candidate outright.

If Romney is picked for the Republican nomination I hope he is smart enough to select a good VP running mate. Paul Ryan, followed closely by Allen West and Marco Rubio would be my choice. Make the Ron Paul followers happy and make a statement that he'll be put in charge of the Treasury or the Fed, so he can audit the Fed like he wants to do anyway. Stick Newt as the Press Secretary just for the amusement of having him beat the MSM into submission at the various press conferences, and would keep him around for additional advice in reducing the budget (which he has a record of doing, regardless how much/little people like him).

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